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Windows XP Games - Play for Free - GameTop - Item Preview

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It runs very well on my PC, and I have downloaded many graphics mods to further increase the graphical fidelity of the game, which looks very nice even with them. The problem I have with the game however is the story. It is not terrible, it just didn't really grip me like Fallout 3's story did. I found myself getting bored a few hours into the game, something which never happened with Fallout 3, which I played a lot of. This game activates on Steam, and I currently has a total of 11 hours playtime on it.

This includes many restarts where I wanted to try different things, but I just couldn't keep playing for very long as I got bored. Judging for the ratings and reviews I've seen, many others love the game, but I for one do not. It is not terrible, but it's certainly not on par with Bethesda's predecessor. Not quite Fallout 3, but good. You've basically got lots of feedback about how it's not quite as good as Fallout 3, etc.

Now, my setup at home is I have a laptop which I use for all my internet related stuff, and I have an www-isolated desktop which I use for gaming.

Now, if you need to connect to Steam to install it off the disc, or the disc enables you to download it off Steam, then wtf is the point in selling the disc? See what I mean? The language was french not english, fix follows. So eventually you get to play with scorpions! Ps there is some multi core cpu ini file fix on the net, seemed to help as initially it wouldnt run! What a pain! This is a standalone game; you don't need Fallout 3.

You can key the serial number into Steam if you prefer your games from there. I did exactly that, put the case away without even touching the CD, then downloaded the Steam version. There is a mature mod community nexusmods where you can download mods ranging from visual improvements to game content changes. Improved textures, smaller fonts to fit more dialogues and lists onscreen, a much better 3rd perspective view that makes running around the wasteland a lot better.

On a mid-range graphics card you'll be setting Ultra in the graphics options. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Hi Jorge, I hope this message finds you well. My name is Steven and I'm an independent advisor. However some others are not fully compatible.

In addition, I suggest that you go to the store to find similar games compatible with Windows How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Ken Blake. Some, yes. Each step brings you closer to victory No save system, folks, except for reloading a game in progress. Official website. Did you like the Baldur's Gate series?

This is the spiritual succesor taking place in the same world. Unlike the classical CRPGs from Black Isle the gameplay is a bit different: You only play one character and depending on the add-on have either one or two sidekicks.

But just like Baldur's Gate you have a gazillion possibilities when it comes to character customization Classes, races, skils, feats, weapons, spells, you name it! The story of the main game is your standard run-of-the-mill fantasy story, but the interconnected story of the first and second add-on really shine! There's also a ton of decent free campaigns Check out Darkness over Daggerfold made by a team featuring the producer from the Baldur's Gate add-on Throne of Bhaal!

Since they stopped selling these they also deactivated the license check, so you can play them for free, and the Diamond Version from Gog. Everything great about the original is back. NOLF 2 delivers everything a sequel ought to; new weapons, more expansive levels, and even quirkier characters than before. The missions are a lot less linear, and the skill point system offers incentive to gather intel and complete the optional quests. Enemies include ninjas, mimes, and human cubes.

Like the first, its unlikely to get a re-release since no one knows who owns what. NOLF Revival. The year is , the environment has gone to shit, the world is under a single government, and the police is divided between hiding the truth from the people and hunting down terrorists.

That is, until a cop realizes that she is being deceived as well. A then-unique mix of beat 'em up and third person shooter, perhaps a better Ghost In The Shell game than any game officially bearing that title. The graphics have aged quite a bit, but the action is still very fun.

Bungie's last game before selling their souls joining Microsoft. Doesn't work right on modern systems, so be sure to get the AE update. You, your girl, and a sparkling Ferrari. A full tank, good music, and the endless road before you. No speed limits.

Classic FPS set in fantastical supernatural occult settings varying from citadels and churches to graveyards to gigantic castles and beautiful palaces to dark caves, cold cities, and theatrical auditoriums. A HUGE variety of enemies from the typical occult skeletons to Lovecraftian monsters and a vast array of unique weapons to fight them.

All you really need to know is that there's a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning. GOG Humble Steam. You play as one of three doctors, each with their own morals and practices, and each trying to find the cure for a virus infecting a small town.

Unlike most games, there is a heavy emphasis on survival, and the choices you make can have long-reaching effects. Each time you play the game things might happen completely differently based on what you do. That's right, a good movie tie-in! Play in first person as Jack, or in third person as Kong himself.

Really fun, really atmospheric and very faithful to the movie, with some great voice acting from the movie's cast. While it's short hours and could use a few more Kong levels it's a great game and worth checking out.

The Xbox version is superior due to heavily upgraded graphics. Perimeter's tagline, "Real Time Strategy Reborn", speaks volumes about this game's innovative gameplay. It features gameplay mechanics which had never before been implemented, unique unit and base building methods and a deep sci-fi plot [if you can follow it, which may at times be difficult].

Challenging until you have mastered the gameplay, full of replay value, and graphics which look shiny and cool despite its age.

Your planet is dying, and your species' only hope is to colonize a new world. But just as the transport ships arrive, a disaster happens on the surface - and you have to find out what happened. And it was a lot of fun back then! Episode III, plot-wise the last one, is a Gamecube exclusive with completely different gameplay. Servers: Destiny Ephinea Ultima Schthack.

Survive a week in Paradise as the Postal Dude. Very early s references abound. About 10 NPC models, repeated over and over again to fill the map. Good for you Columbine types. Noteworthy for being sandboxy as fuck with tons of exploration and a good modding community; basically Deus Ex meets South Park and worth a look even if you don't think putting out fires by pissing all over everything is the best gameplay mechanic since mouselook it is.

A Cherokee ex-soldier is abducted to a massive spaceship that feeds from people, and he has to use his injun spirit magic to beat the aliens and save the world. Yeah, I know it sounds ridiculous, but give it a chance. This is a very solid game albeit quite linear , with excellent writing and voice work — the hero and his girl were played by actual Crees, and there are cameos by tinfoil hat radio celebrity Art Bell as himself.

The graphics have held out very well. You are some Persian Prince who travels with his father back to their homeland. But a treacherous Vizier convinces them to raid his lord, the Maharaja of India, instead.

After party vanning them, they take many treachures, including a mysterious hourglass and a glowing dagger, to the King's old bro, the Sultan of Azad. The vizier persuades the Prince yes, that's his name.

Really creative,huh? Shit happens, and everyone except the Prince, the enslaved Maharaja's daugher Farah, and the evil Vizier turn into Zombies corrupted by the Sands of Time.

Now the real fun begins: With the help of the snarky princess and her sexy bow you have to travel through the kingdom of Azad with your athletic skills, beat the crap out of the zombies and manipulate time to outsmart death. If you like time foolery and An Hero'ing, that's the right game for you. Beautifully made game which is a pearl under the many PC-Games, also for people who enjoy Oriental architecture, challenging puzzles and an awesome script "Look, a crack!

The dark horse of the Sands of Time trilogy, this game returns to the Prince's story seven years after the first game, where he has taken a serious turn for the grim and dark.

Not without reason, as he's being chased by a Final Destination-style creature hellbent on seeing him killed to eliminate the final error in the timeline caused by the events of Sands of Time. If you can get past the suddenly dark, gritty approach, complete with wailing electric guitars and blood imagery, as well as the weak script, the plot is decent and the combat has taken a considerable step up from Sands of Time, along with general gameplay improvements, though sadly the puzzles take quite a dive.

It's still worth playing, if just to see whether you'll like it or not, but it's nowhere near as classic a game as Sands of Time. Sadly, the original stealth-platforming-sandbox-action game this was meant to be, Kindred Blades, was never released. But the redesign, Two Thrones, was meant to appeal to those who liked Sands of Time but didn't like Warrior Within; toning down the darkness a bit and trying to give an experience closer to the first game--but not quite nailing it, in part due to a lack of time, having gone through major changes mid-development.

But if you've played the other two, no reason why you should stop now: play this, and round out the platforming trilogy. A mixture of RTS and 3rd-Person Perspective action game where you build turrets and others buildings on yours floating islands, while you defend yourself from enemy attacks. Play as an carnival escapee who runs away to a summer camp for psychics. Original storytelling and well written humor compliments this game. Continuing the plot of Quake 2 1 and 3 have unrelated plots , you're a space marine fighting the Stroggs, a conquering cyborg alien race.

It got a bit of an underwhelming reception, but it's actually very fun. It's more linear and "cinematic" than its predecessor, but still feels old-school enough no auto-healing or weapon limit bullshit. Workers of the world, unite! And by world I mean Mars, where the poor brutalized miners are rising against the evil corporation that runs the planet.

A nice shooter, and first in a series noted for its destructible environments, a very cool feature that even now remains unusual. Realistic gameplay means if you get shot once, you're probably dead.

Emphasizes teamwork, and one really good player doesn't ensure victory for his team. Don't play the game like it's god damned Call of Duty and you will appreciate what it has to offer. It's , and the Nazis plan to turn the tide of war by using dark magic to summon the undead! An old-fashioned, super-tough hardcore shootan by the same devs of Redneck Rampage and Kingpin: Life of Crime.

Likely the best in the series. Pretty much the racing game for the PC, designed to be easily extensible; countless cars, tracks, and series have been added by fans since its release. It has realistic physics, including advances in tire modeling, complex aerodynamics and a degree-of-freedom game engine. In March ISI announced the development of rFactor 2, which will include weather effects, reflections, and accurate shadows on a variety of textures.

Campaign mode has a 4X-style strategic world map where you manage your nation, cities, army divisions, and economy, but the real fun is when you engage in combat.

You switch to an zoomed-in tactical view of your troops and control them RTS-style. If you were a fan of Robot Wars or Battlebots and ever wanted to make your own fighting robot, this game is for you.

This is primarily a designing game; the opponents are patronizingly easy save one , but no less satisfying to destroy. Has an active modding community GameTechMods ; the game is quite easy to mod if you're into that. The current most popular mod is the DSL total conversion. Sacred features a big open world of Ancaria to explore, many interesting quests, 6 characters to choose from, dozens of items and a good sense of humor. The Sacred Underworld expansion adds two more characters and a new story mode taking place in Underworld.

Sacred Gold includes both, as well as many bugfixes. Turn-based strategy that should be familiar to fans of Koei's strat-games Nobunaga and RotTK especially , Advance Wars, and other such series. Yandere translations has a full English translation. Be a badass action hero from the future, travel through time, massacre hordes of monsters.

Huge numbers of enemies requiring all the basic FPS tactics and weapons to dispatch. A must have for LANs, or a quick blast with an online friend. Note, the first SS is split in two episodes.

Later they received HD versions with improved graphics and up to player online co-op mode. SS2 is sort of the black sheep of the series, because it adopted a more cartoonish style.

However, it does look fine - and the gameplay is still the same brutal non-stop carnage as the first game. For some visual modernizing, use the Renovation mod. One of the greatest slashers ever created.

Large levels with simple puzzles, tons of weapons and armor, lots of combos and special moves. Four characters: a barbarian, a knight, a dwarf and an Amazon; absolutely different styles of combat for each of them and a different starting level.

No weapon restrictions. A barbarian can use an Amazon weapons although much less effectively and the other way around. Fountains of blood and dismemberment. How about chopping off that goblin's arm and then Yes, you can use his own severed limb to beat the shit out of him. A tactical game that take place during the world war II and let you play as six elite soldiers of the axis or the allied forces, the game at the release was praised for it's strong graphic department that made use of realistic physics and detailed 3d models.

Take control of a city as its Mayor, and try to expand whilst keeping the residents happy. The bigger your population, the bigger your dick becomes. However, unlike Simcity , this game has an active modding community. The first one was meh, the third was just horrible but this one really is something.

Lengthy plot, multiplayer, several locations to play, randomly generated missions aside from the main game that gives this one pretty much an infinite replayable value. Did I mentioned that you can blow arms and heads off with your shotgun? One of the definite FPS of the generation. If you are looking for a free windows xp games to download, you have come to the right place.

GameTop offers you top windows xp PC games to download for your desktop computer or gaming laptop with unlimited play. Get your own best windows xp game for PC and start playing now!

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Travel to Germany. Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light. Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises. Amulet Of Dreams. Alexander the Great: Secrets of Power. Hope Lake: Crime Story.



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